At Alberta Neon we believe that a high quality, effective sign begins with the production process. For this reason we have assembled a staff of highly skilled technicians and equipped them with the best tools and computer assisted production methods that the industry has to offer. Through our selective hiring, long-term staff retention and state-of-the-art facilities you can be assured only the best craftsmanship will go toward to creation of your specific signage solution.

Beyond the manufacturing of the sign our staff is prepared to assist with the design process, material selection and service planning. Our many years experience in beginning to end signage creation will be brought to bear on your project and when combined with your concepts and ideas guarantee quality and value.


Alberta Neon is now offering full digital printing services. With the purchase of brand new, top of the line, large output printers we are now able to meet all your company's signage needs. Be it printed outdoor signage, site maps or plans, display items or any other application, contact us to discuss your project and to receive a custom quote.


Channel lettering is an extremely versatile signage technique. By creating individual letters or groups of letters virtually any shape logo or text style can be accommodated in any size. Alberta Neon can create either illuminated or non-illuminated channel letters to your exact specifications that will convey the quality of your business through a professional, high impact exterior image.


Fascia Signage is a perfect balance between cost and quality. Using this style of sign high impact results can be delivered at a very economical price point. Fully scalable to any length and able to wrap corners, your image can be delivered in a variety of sizes and shapes. For these reasons even some of the biggest names rely heavily on fascia signage to help see them to success. Contact us to discuss your fascia signage requirements and how we can help you achieve your goals.


Pylon Signs are common sights along virtually every busy street. These towering signage applications deliver long distance reach and can be created to any size and style specification. Particularly well suited to multi-tenant applications, pylon signs allow for great versatility in presentation. Whether to project your own private image or those of a group this could be the ideal solution to your needs.

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